Well Hi there! Welcome to my little space on this world wide web!
I’m Tawanna and I’m the creator of this blog and a few other websites.

I believe we all have the ability to make our lives great. It takes some dedication, determination and wisdom from the good Lord! Life doesn’t happen by accident. We have to go after it and not hold back due to fear. My goal in this blog is to encourage you and share my experiences. I don’t claim to have it all together, in fact I realize I know nothing in comparison to many great people who have graced this wonderful planet. I am thankful to those who are or were trailblazers that sacrificed their time and/or lives to make life better for us all.

By MBTI profile I’m an INFJ. By educational degree, I’m a graphic designer. I have an appreciation for the arts and I love beautiful photos, typography, places and printed materials. I love great music and would love to learn to play the cello. I got one for my 41st birthday! I do have an online portfolio at creativelytawanna.com

I chose to freelance as a graphic designer because we are also a homeschooling family. I decided to homeschool my kids in the early 2000s because at the time we lived in an area where the schools did not have a great reputation. Our choice in education has provided moments of joy and frustration. Home education is one of the great options we have in our education system that I think we are really blessed to have. If you are curious about homeschooling, feel free to ask or do a bit of research to avoid assumptions and beliefs in a lot of stereotypes that usually don’t fit homeschooling families. Our homeschooling journey has some great memories and some not so great memories. We are still at it, 17 years and counting so apparently, it’s working!

I’ve got a lot of creative ideas I’d like to pursue. I have a goal to publish my first book to help babies and toddlers learn their shapes and colors. Shapes and Colors

I also have an online store for my jewelry making. I create original pieces. Creating jewelry is rather therapeutic for me.  Currently, my pieces are available at my
Hello Love Jewelry Etsy shop.