Trashy Morning Calls for a Lesson Learned

Our church adopted a street and often have opportunities for people to help keep our city clean. They have street clean ups and when a good amount of people come it gets done quickly. Well it’s was that time to sign up and volunteer. I admit I glossed over the opportunity and said eh maybe next time. While rewatching the Sunday sermon, my youngest little one over heard that the street clean up was for ages 6 and up so she was game! I again brushed her off with a maybe while simultaneously thinking of her running out in the street with a trash bag, being taken out by a car, and trash flying every where. There we have a whole scene played out in my head… hurt child, ambulance, and the street clean up completely trashed! Eek! Hold on Momma! That mind has a way to run a triathlon of negative thoughts in record breaking time!

The later during the week we were at small group and street clean up was mentioned again. I thought, ok get the information and see if the kids forget they even asked.

Saturday morning comes and they come in early asking if we are going to go. 😑 Here I am minding my own business all comfortable in my bed. I think my bed was practically cuddling me but that cuddle didn’t cover up conviction. I lay there thinking, the little ones want to go and do something good. The youngest one has been on me for days. Get up and do something. You have to set an example, so get up. They set the example for me. I said ok let’s go. They were excited.

I thought ok watch when we get there, they are going to complain their heads off. We had to sign waivers, get gloves and bags, then off we went. We walked together and my little questionator was asking questions. “Mom, have you ever been stung by a bee?” I was waiting for the complaint of, it’s hot! I’m hungry! Are we done yet? But you know what? They didn’t! They did complain about how dirty people are. My youngest even found an opened pocket knife. She saw it and remembered the rule that kids are not allowed to pick up glass. She called her daddy over and let him do it. She minded the street rules and to be honest I was surprised at how smoothly it went.

I learned not to listen to my fears and feelings. I learned that we can learn a lot by watching the hearts of our children. They want to help and we shouldn’t stop them. I also learned that my side of the bed has cuddling powers.

It was a good morning. This trash pick up allowed me to have a good lesson while spending quality time as a family serving the community.

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