Mindset Growth on Their Minds

We started on our Big Life Journals today! I’m so excited about this book!I have been looking more into being mindful and I guess Instagram took note of because I saw this book advertised on Instagram. Big Life Journal is a mindset growth journal for kids!

I thought this was a great idea to empower the mindset of kids! I am a firm believer that schools should incorporate mindfulness practices into what is being taught. Since we are home educators, it’s now a part of what I am using to teach them.

I bought the PDF because although I love the look and feel of a book, I know this was going to be something I will need to repeat when they get older and the Big Life Journal PDF will be the best way for me print as needed. I am excited about seeing them answer thought-provoking and encouraging questions. The content is well designed and written for kids to understand. It’s colorful and engaging which is a must-have for us.

Just what is this  Big Life Journal anyway?  It is a 26 week big, bright, colorful curriculum full of illustrations, stories, poems, questions and quotes focused on encouraging children to value themselves, others and the world around them. It brings attention to their knowledge of just how much they matter, how failure can be a positive learning experience, thinking out of the box in how to be active in their own world, how they can bring change the world around them and so much more. The Big Life Journal includes positive thinking, dealing with failure in a positive way, persistence and more.

In addition to the book, there are many more mindset growth printable worksheets and resources available to download focused on enhancing mindset growth at BigLifeJournal.com.  There are free weekly printables that arrive via email!

This curriculum is amazing. It’s also available in French and Spanish. I believe it’s a focus we need to all bring to the forefront of our society. They are going to have an edition of the Big Life Journal for teens and adults! Currently, they state on their website that this wonderful book is for ages 7 and up but I am actually using this with my six-year-old along because she wants to do the same thing as my eight-year-old.

Take a look inside the Big Life Journal and see what you think. Shop their store to see all of the mindset growth products they produce.

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