the most grat parit is my mom

Fia’s Love Note

“the most grat parit is my mom”

If you know me, you know that my life is mainly focused on my family. I’m a mom and although this is a role of a lifetime for me, it is not an easy one by far! There are many highs and lows in parenthood. Even the “best” parents with great kids have both good and bad days. We have to know the bad so we can know and appreciate what the good is. Each day is somewhat unpredictable because no one is guaranteed to know what their child is going to behave like every day. Sure with modern genetics, you can choose how your child will look, but you cannot make any of their decisions for them. So knowing that I was not in control of this moment makes it all the more wonderful…

“Mom I come into your bathroom to be around you because that means I want attention.”

My six year old said those words to me as I was getting ready for Tuesday Night Small group. As I did my hair, my little one hopped around my bathroom. My response to her was to give it to her attention. I told her that I liked her being there with me and I like talking to her. So she hopped around a little more in delight. This little one reacts to emotions with her whole body. When she’s happy she will not sit still. When she’s mad she will tense up and become stone-like. When she’s sad she wants to curl up and cuddle. She’s a pretty active child so reading her movements gives me a lot of clues into how she feels. At this moment she was all smiles and happy.

I asked her,

“Fia, if you had a theme song for yourself what would the lyrics be?”

I had gotten the idea to ask her this because I was watching The Real and Loretta Devine said she made up her own theme song to encourage herself.  Wow, what a concept to knock out negative self-talk! So I asked my little Fia what would her song be, to which she replied with singing something on the spot. It was something along the lines of “I love my mommy, I love my sisters, I love my brother, I love my daddy, I love my family!” I added on “And your family loves you too!” She kind of laughed. Then she spotted my small post-it note pad. I thought, oh great, what mess will be attempted with that?
She had a grand idea of writing everyone notes…, “Mom, how do you spell most?” I asked her to sound it out. She did and wrote the word correct. She didn’t bother with asking me how to spell anything else. She found some tape because she discovered the post-it wasn’t sticking enough. In a very six-year-old way, she managed to get a whole lot of dirt on to that piece she used to stick to the wall. I looked up to see what she had written as she continued on to write her own personal note to each one of us. Yes, I noticed the misspellings but I overlooked pointed out something she had done wrong and chose to sit in this moment of appreciation of her heart. I appreciated that my little one chose to say something nice to me. It touched me and I decided to stay in that moment.

Just like that, another great moment to see as a parent. She never asked me what she should write. It wasn’t even my idea for her to write these little love notes to us. Her thoughtful mind did something very kind and the fact that she did it all on her own, means the world to me. She sounded out the words the best she could and was so thrilled to post these notes in places where each person could see it. We all adored her notes. It certainly made this momma smile.

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