It’s the Little Things.

Today we heard it. We finally heard the Ice Cream Man’s van! The girls were waiting for him for two whole days! Goodness, I don’t remember the Ice Cream man coming around so often when I was younger. When you heard your favorite Ice Cream jam playing, you had better get there quick, fast and in a hurry! My favorite was the Pink Panther Ice Cream bar. It was just something about chewing on that hard frozen gumball eye. There’s an 80s flashback! My little ones had saved some money and decided they wanted ice cream from the ice cream truck. No, not from the store. The wouldn’t satisfy them. The ice cream had to come from the Ice Cream Man! Well, today I had the windows open for a nice breeze and suddenly the wind carried a tune through our windows, we heard his iconic music playing. It was getting closer. He was coming around the corner. They, of course, yelled, “The Ice cream Man!” and ran to get their money.

I stepped outside to see him driving down the street passing our cul-de-sac. I raised my hand up slightly with little hope that he would see me because he was driving past the neighbors’ house. I couldn’t see the windows of the truck, just the back of it and thought, “Oh no we missed it. Brace yourself for seeing the little ones disappointed.” The little ones stopped their running momentum landing right at my side, just as they landed at my side, the truck paused. It stopped and we watched the Ice Cream truck reverse! This Ice cream truck stopped just for them. No kidding, he must have eagle eyes because I thought he missed seeing us by a few seconds.

Right as he was pulling up, I called to Rich to come out so I can tell him what just happened. Yes, it may sound simple but I was shocked he saw us. As Rich came out, I stepped into the house to grab my phone. As I was walking back out, I overheard Rich talking to him about the Little Free Library. It’s certainly been a fun topic of conversation. So many haven’t heard of the idea or have heard of it but haven’t seen one yet. So he asked if the books are really free. Yes! Yes, they are! He didn’t have any books to share so he said he would look at it later. He mentioned that his child was in the 1st grade and his teacher complained that he was reading the same old books so they needed to get him new ones. At that moment I got really excited (again) because we have books to give!! We keep a stash of books to put in the Little Free Library because ever so often we will fill it up. It’s a good thing because people are finding books they would like to read. Although we love seeing new books, everyone walking by may not have a book to give, so we would rather them take a book anyway instead of leaving without one.  So, I told him to hold on just a second. Rushing in the house, I grabbed some level 1 and 2 readers hoping they would be a blessing to them (1 John 3:17). Taking the hand full of books I ran back out to hand them over. Sharing is caring! While I was inside, he had taken 50¢ off of each ice cream for the girls! My heart smiled.

I’m still so excited that we got to give something to someone who was in need. I certainly hope they were books that helped. The Ice Cream Man also gave back to us. I love when communities work together, even when it is a short interaction of caring, it’s huge. We did not have a large community event where loads of people were participating. It was just two families doing what they do while crossing paths. Life is made of so many of these instances. We don’t get large platforms to make a massive audience impression, but the small interactions daily are life-changing. It brings joy and hope. That’s such a great memory and I hope the little ones keep that example of giving and blessing in their hearts for a while.

I’ve got plans to make a larger Little Free Library!

I know it was something simple, but it’s the little things that can really make my day and I wanted to share it with you.

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