It’s Our Little Free Library Official Grand Opening!

Welcome to our official Grand Opening for our Family Friendly themed Little Free Library!! I know I posted about it previously, but the flowers are in thanks to a wonderful neighbor (Thanks, Mrs. Baker) and we have our official Little Free Library Charter Sign so it’s complete!!

We are Little Free Library Charter #56750!

I’m really excited that we get to be a part of something really fantastic and growing! We are the 2nd Little Free Library in Eastvale, CA. It took me a while to get this one going. I contacted the city of Eastvale on ‎2/‎28/‎2015, yes about 2 years ago to start a conversation about it via email and Facebook. The city and residents welcomed the idea. We asked about putting one in McCune Park which was well received but we decided it might be easier to put one at our home first. I love the city of Eastvale and how welcoming they are about the Little Free Libraries.

I ended up creating this one out of an old two drawer dresser turned on its side. With some paint, and trim I had a container for our books! We are pretty excited about it, so please stop by to take a book and/or leave one! Our library is family oriented. We have books in there for kids as well as books for adults. We have fiction and nonfiction books on the shelves too. If you do decide to leave a book, do us a huge favor and write on a blank page or the very back of the book, a small note saying “Not For Resale”, who donated it and what city it came from! It’s neat to see where books have traveled from! Just something small and simple like, “Not For Resale, Donated by, Emily Smith, in Somewhere, USA. Sometimes people may forget where they got the book from and resale a free book they received.  Half Price Books honors Little Free Library books and will not buy them. We’d like for them to stay free and be a blessing. We would love to see books travel far and shared worldwide! We put this sticker on the inside of our books that say, “Always a Gift, Never for sale.”  It’s a nice reminder of a blessing received. Hopefully, it will make someone smile.
Reading is such an important skill so let’s enjoy a book and share a book. Drop by soon! We do check the library often. The kids always look to see if there are any new books in there.  It would be great to do a book exchange with you. Thanks in advance for helping us create a wonderful community! This Family Friendly Little Free Library is there for you! Hope to see you visit our Little Free Library soon!

But where is your Little Free Library?
It’s in the cul-de-sac on Corona Valley in Eastvale.
Want to locate our Little Free Library?
Use this link
and use zip code 92880

Have you started a Little Free Library? If you are local we can exchange books!
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