Darling Little Wings

One day while I was on the hunt for a piece of furniture to re-purpose at Goodwill I decided to pop next door to Dollar Tree to pick up a few things. What I needed or wanted at the moment slips my mind, but while I was browsing I saw these little Hummingbird feeders. Well, to make a short story shorter it made it home with us.

I followed the recipe on how to make “Homemade Nectar” and hung the darling feeder up. We watched with anticipation and sure enough, a few birds were feeding and flapping their delightful little wings at such a high speed. They can fly up to 60 miles per hour! Their wings can beat from 70-200 times a second! Friends, I became intrigued! They are so tiny and their wings make a buzzing sound. To my ears, it doesn’t sound like a hum at all. They are buzzing birds in my head. Once I heard them, I can pick their sound out of all of the sounds out there.

Of course, I grabbed my camera. iPhone or DSLR as long as I could capture these little birds feeding. I could watch them all day. I’ve since picked up a couple more feeders and hopefully, I’ll get them out and the neighbors will appreciate spotting them too. They are pretty delightful to watch.

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