Pardon My Reconstruction

So… Well I have nothing really to say other than change is sometimes a forced process. As the caterpillar has to go through change in order to become a butterfly, we have to go through our own process of change. Sometimes it’s forced and spontaneous.  It was for me with this new web domain. What happened to Our Seven Tulips? Well nothing more than neglect and forgetfulness. You see I had to renew the domain name and for some reason it just didn’t happen so I lost it. Yep I lost it so please pardon my reconstruction.

You know the odd thing about it all is… I can’t seem to “get upset” about it. I had the domain name for a while and had a fully functioning website for it. One day *poof* it’s gone. I called my hosting company to find out what went wrong. Duh… renew your domain name! Hmm I knew that, it just slipped my mind. They wanted a little over $90 to renew it.

I declined.

Still not bothered.

Funny thing happened in this loss of web materials. When I searched for years ago, it was taken so I settled for  I was just curious to see about it’s availability this time. Well look at that, it was available! Netfirms had a $3.99 sale for domain names and so I’ve got my original name choice and here we are!

I think some may be asking about updates on my book. It’s still at I’ll have more to add about the progress. In short, it’s slow and discouragement has taken root.

I will be reformatting and changing focus of my blog. I love photo blogging so I’m returning to that. Thanks for reading!


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